Why Kreative

Kreative Audio & Security provides knowledgeable, helpful, and professional customer service every day, to every customer. From car audio to exhaust kits, lift kits, lowering kits, auto starts, and much more, Kreative has been helping Alaskans create their dream system in their vehicles. We set and maintain a premium standard for product installation and user satisfaction. Kreative offers the largest selection of the finest products. We strive to listen to, and learn the customer's needs, and educate our customers on how the products we sell, work, operate, and integrate into their vehicles. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations and establish the highest level of confidence and trust in Kreative Audio & Security. We set the industry standard in the finest custom and fabrication work. Because for us, the details are important.

The devil is in the details. Every wire, every cap, every harness is paid attention too. We make sure the fittings fit and the only corners that are cut are off our receipt tags when you pick up your vehicle. Old or new cars, Kreative Audio & Security has the knowledge to make your vehicle is better. We don’t make the car…we just make your car better.